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Start Here: What the Church Development Blog is All About

19 Sep. 2011 Posted by Denis Greene in Stewardship

In each Church Development blog, we’re going to give you a manageable piece of information — Bible verses, statistics, case studies, etc. — to give you an accurate view of stewardship and capital campaigns in today’s world.

Allow me to go all Philippians 3: 4-6 for a moment and provide my historic credibility: I started Church Development in 1992 after 10 years in the nonprofit sector. Since the inception of Church Development, our team has helped over 200 churches raise over $200 million dollars. I’ve read hundreds of articles and books on giving and still keep up with the latest findings and trends. With all that experience and success, do you know what I’ve found?

Most churches have no idea how to effectively raise capital for their needs and ministry goals (even if they think they’re doing fine).

Part of the reason is we often don’t want to talk about money in the church. The thing is, even though the parables are about your heart, Jesus used money in more than a third of them. The reason? How you spend your money (along with how you spend your time) is one of the biggest indicators of what you value. Additionally, pastors will tell you: The last part of a person to commit to the church and the first thing to go when disagreements arise is his or her financial giving, so this is clearly a sensitive issue.

Still, churches often don’t want to ask experts about how to increase generosity. Villanova researcher Charles Zech found that there is a direct correlation between the lack of talking about stewardship and a low-level of giving (in the 2006 book, Why Catholics Don’t Give: And What Can Be Done About It).

If you’re like most people, you’ve had a bad experience with church fundraising. Maybe you’ve heard the guilt-trip sermon; maybe you’ve had some marketing guy tie Bible verses to a secular program and try to strong-arm a hard-sell approach; maybe you’ve just heard too many stories of financial abuse. Whatever the case, this blog is designed to give you an accurate view of what stewardship really is.

In a standard blog entry — save Casual Fridays: when I usually post something that gave me joy this week — I’ll give you a manageable piece of information and show how it applies to building a culture of generosity. I hope you’ll find this blog both informative of the reality churches face, yet encouraging in what God has done and will continue to do.

The goal is to have every part of a person connected and committed to God and His church. When that happens, increased giving is a natural consequence.

* * *

Denis Greene is the Founder and President of Church Development.  He is the author of The Stewardship System, Stewardship-Based Capital Campaigns, and How To Ask For Donations as well as numerous articles on stewardship. Denis has helped over 200 churches across the USA raise more than $200,000,000. 

A complete list of Church Development’s services (including capital campaign management and consultation, feasibility studies, and year-round stewardship ministry programming) is available here.