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The 7 Steps of a Successful Stewardship-Based Capital Campaign

15 Dec. 2017 Posted by Denis Greene in Church Capital Campaigns

Step 1: Feasibility Study

Our capital campaign feasibility study offers church leaders a deep understanding of church members. In addition to measuring the likely levels of financial commitments, a feasibility study identifies a congregation’s support for the church, church leaders and the proposed capital campaign. Church Development provides tailored, comprehensive data that allows church leadership to set realistic goals while capturing valuable opinions and desires of church members. It also provides a vital avenue for members to share and dialogue about the church community and the possibility of a campaign.

Step 2: Prayer and Discernment

Our approach to campaigning differs dramatically from most traditional or secular approaches to capital campaigns. Church Development capital campaigns position internal spiritual reflection and discernment as paramount. We encourage church members to pray about stewardship. Along with the pastor, volunteers design a time and method to engage church members in prayerful discernment regarding the church’s vision and capital campaign, helping to build community and growing a church’s understanding of stewardship.

Step 3: Stewardship Education and Cultivation

Church Development invites church members to heed God’s call and explore their personal understanding and commitment to stewardship through numerous activities. We see so many of our client’s church communities grow stewardship, create a stronger sense of spiritual awareness and a clearer shared vision for the life of their church. Many clients, in fact, report that after a Church Development-led capital campaign, church members deepen their financial commitment to annual giving, become more active and attend services more regularly. Growing stewardship and building community are two of the most powerful results from stewardship education during a capital campaign.

Step 4: Volunteers

Our consultants recommend establishing multiple teams to envision, plan and execute a capital campaign. These teams focus on general oversight, prayer, education and stewardship, thanks, youth events and communication throughout the capital campaign. Church Development consultants train, organize and serve as a resource to each group of volunteers, supporting their work and sharing the load over the course of the entire campaign process.

Step 5: Communication

Throughout a capital campaign, church members should have frequent opportunities to deepen their understanding of the church’s vision and purpose for a capital campaign. Church Development supports the implementation of effective communication tools, like newsletters, brochures and interactive campaign activities throughout the campaign. In a Church
Development capital campaign, church members are kept abreast of the church’s vision and campaign purpose from the very start of a campaign following through to the very last pledge payment.

Step 6: Solicitation of Pledges

Church Development believes each church is distinct. As such, no single right way exists to solicit donors. Our consultants and the team responsible for education and stewardship work together to tailor a solicitation process that is comfortable to church members. We know a reflective and involved decision to invest in a faith community fills donors with a true sense of stewardship.

Step 7: Thanks and Celebrating Success

All good fundraising entails appropriate celebration and thanks. Volunteers on the thanks team determine how the church will recognize donors and celebrate the achievements of the capital campaign. Church Development consultants facilitate a unique, meaningful gesture of gratitude for each church community to enjoy and remember. This campaign follow-through allows each church community to bolster the culture of stewardship that emerges from the work of the capital campaign.