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website layout

3 Jun. 2014 Posted by Denis Greene in Misc

Common Mistakes in Church Websites #3: Things to Avoid

Church Development covers a few more common mistakes to avoid when designing your church website (or things to fix if your site is already live).

While I’ve already covered a couple of rounds of what to do and not to do on your church website—starting with some general tips, then following up with insight from a webpage designer—I decided to come back for a round three with a few more minor things to avoid:

1. Having an Unexplained Log In Box

16 Apr. 2014 Posted by Denis Greene in Misc

Common Mistakes in Church Websites #2: Insight from a Website Designer

Church Development shares more website design theory from web designer Dave Marshall (of Denver Computer Mechanics).

In common mistakes in church websites #1, I noted two main flaws: A) Not gearing your layout and info to the brand new visitor; and B) Sharing too much information at once. In returning for a part two, I wanted to share more insight from web designer Dave Marshall of Denver Computer Mechanics.

If you recall, Dave created the Littleton Vineyard website that we used as an example of what to do on your church homepage. Last time, we connected with Dave about the importance of having a call to action and a clear response goal in mind for your website visitors. In conversing with Dave again, he provided more insights on common church website mistakes:

8 Apr. 2014 Posted by Denis Greene in Misc

How to Design Your Church Website With the End Goal in Mind

Church Development shares insight from Denver Computer Mechanics on how to effectively implement your church website goal into the design. 

Last time I noted that the average visitor leaves a website within 10-20 seconds and only reads 25% of the words on the screen. As that’s a teeny (and mostly blocked) time frame, I wanted to share some insight from a web designer on how to make the most of the seconds you’re given.

If you’ve kept up with this series, you’ve already seen some of Dave Marshall’s work—he created the Littleton Vineyard website we’ve used as an example. In working with Denver Computer Mechanics for nearly a decade, Dave (pictured above) knows what works and what doesn’t, and he recently attended one of our free Church Development workshops to answer questions for churches on their website.

Here’s the key insight he shared:

4 Apr. 2014 Posted by Denis Greene in Quick Stats

How Long Does the Average Visitor Stay on a Website?

In Quick Stats, Church Development takes a statistic and applies it to the current church world. Today’s blog covers how long the average visitor spends on a website and how much of it they read.

After detouring to chat about how the church should talk about the “Noah” movie, I’m back to this series on the value of your church website. I’ve already covered a lot of website theory (see here and here), but with smartphone and social media usage increasing all the time, people got curious as to how long the average person spends on a website before they leave.

The answer?

25 Mar. 2014 Posted by Denis Greene in Misc

4 Things to Have in the Layout of Your Church Homepage

Church Development shares four keys in laying out your church website.

Last time I shared what to display on the homepage of your website. In sharing a screen shot, I noted that there were some aspects that, although bolstered by what appeared on the homepage, had more to do with overall site layout. With that in mind, I saved those layout tips until now. Let’s return to the Littleton Vineyard site screenshot: