Our Mission

Our focus is growing a culture of stewardship through prayer, connection and shared decision-making utilizing research-based best practices in fundraising to strengthen communities of faith.
Since 1992, we have been studying the latest research on stewardship and building our own data bank of experience so that we can learn the very best ways to help your church have successful capital campaigns, annual stewardship campaigns, and planned giving ministry so that you build a culture of generosity in your church, rather than just execute fundraising programs.

For us, it’s all about stewardship – learning how we can better let God’s blessings flow through us to bless and build God’s kingdom.

Our History

Denis Greene, founded Church Development in 1992 out of his desire to see churches grow and expand to meet the unique visions God had planted in the hearts of their leaders.

Each church has a unique approach, but Denis’s experience was that firms helping churches with capital campaigns were just using a secular fundraising model with a few bible verses and an allusion to stewardship thrown in to try to spiritualize the process. Therefore, he set out to build a campaign process that was truly built on prayer, community building, shared decision making, stewardship education, and an approach that was uniquely tailored to each church. Church Development was born.
Today, Church development has grown to a team working day-in, day-out to help churches all across the country grow in the grace of giving.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe our lives are blessed.
  • We believe we are called to share those blessings.
  • We believe in the importance of thriving faith communities.
  • We believe in prayer and telling our stories.
  • We believe the spiritual and material resources we need are in our community.
  • We believe in saying “thank you”.



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