12/4/18 4:26 PM

Sample Church Capital Campaign Calendar

Below is a sample timeline for organizing your capital campaign activities. Our capital campaign process is tailored for each individual church to best fit the needs of the culture of your community. We don't believe in one-size fits all campaigns but instead work with your leadership team to make sure the components of the campaign are timed well to be received by the volunteers and congregation. 

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11/27/18 8:46 AM

How to raise 10% of your income in a year-end appeal

Now that it’s the holidays, nonprofits are ramping up their solicitations for gifts. December is often when people are most generous—25% of philanthropic dollars are donated this month! Be proactive in inviting your community members to remember your church in their holiday and year-end donations. Read on to learn why so much money comes at the end of the year and how to structure your year-end appeal.

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11/12/18 7:13 PM

What this Parish Stewardship Director is Doing Right

We've collected lots of information and ideas about how to grow giving in parishes over the 25 years we've been doing this ministry. In this interview, Denis Greene speaks with his friend, Megan, Stewardship Director at Visitation Catholic Church in Kansas City, MO about her process for growing annual giving in the parish.

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11/6/18 3:58 PM

Why Are Churches Failing at Stewardship?

This may seem harsh, but as a society and as a Church, we have failed to help people embrace stewardship. It obviously does not work to just tell people they need to give. Pastors have been beating that drum for centuries.

I think we need to take an honest look at what this approach has produced. If you are using tithing as the barometer (those who give 10% of their income back to God), then the age-old approach to preach about giving has produced a 95% failure rate.

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10/31/18 12:21 PM

Church Capital Campaign Pledge Card Samples

As you are getting started with a church capital campaign, it may seem like a simple task to create a pledge card, but there are many considerations and variations with the information you collect and the language of invitation to include that make a difference in your giving results. Here are some samples that we are proud of and some reasons why we chose to craft the pledge cards as they are. 

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10/25/18 12:58 PM

How to Ask for a Large Donation

At some point, every pastor has to learn how to ask for a large donation. It's difficult to approach a member to ask for money. We make this intimidating experience easier with some tips. Learn how to deliver your pitch without offending your friends or getting kicked in the shins!

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10/9/18 11:07 AM

Do We Really Need a Separate Stewardship Committee?

"Can't my finance committee serve both purposes?" That’s a very good question, given that fewer than 20% of churches/parishes have a committee dedicated to stewardship ministry. Here are some tips for why a separate committee is necessary and how to make the best use of your committee's time.

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9/25/18 2:28 PM

7 Steps to Create a Culture of Stewardship

Our goal is to help you build an ongoing culture of generosity in your church. The following list are 7 underlying values of The Stewardship System™ to highlight in building your stewardship ministry. These values are based on research and experience. Each value should be supported with specific activities. Use this list with your stewardship committee to determine what you want to accomplish with your ministry. For a printable version of this, and discussion questions to guide your planning, check out our stewardship strategic planning guide

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9/4/18 4:21 PM

28 Interview Questions for a Fundraising Consultant

You've identified that your church is in need of a capital campaign. And you've realized how much work it would be to pull that off on your own. So you're looking at firms to consider hiring. Below is a selection of questions to help guide your request for proposal and interview process when deciding upon a fundraising firm.

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7/31/18 8:19 AM

8 Major Benefits of a Feasibility Study

A pre-campaign feasibility study offers church leaders a deep understanding of church members and helps facilitate successful capital campaigns. In addition to measuring the likely levels of financial commitments, a properly conducted feasibility study discovers the congregation’s level of support for the church and its ministries, the pastoral and volunteer leadership, and the proposed fundraising effort.

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7/12/18 10:01 AM

20 Church Capital Campaign Slogans & Logos

Communication is a huge part of running a successful church capital campaign. You may have the most beautiful mission and vision for your parish, but if no one knows what that vision is, you'll fall flat on your face trying to raise funds to support it. In our capital campaign management services, we work with the campaign team to develop a custom branding strategy that fits the goal and personality of the community. Here are 20 slogans and their logos that our graphics team designed to inspire and communicate what our clients were hoping to accomplish with their capital campaign projects. I hope what you find below gets your creative juices pumping!

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7/6/18 12:00 PM

Take These 4 Steps Before a Church Capital Campaign

We do capital campaigns, but those represent only one aspect of successful church strategic planning. There is a whole process to growing your church and getting ready for a capital campaign. If you're thinking you might need some fundraising we advocate embracing these 4 strategies to get ready.


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6/20/18 5:17 PM

Why You Need 6 Months to Plan An Annual Campaign

We published our new annual campaign kit, Hope Grows Here, last month and we got a few funny looks. Most churches do an annual campaign in the fall, and so it seemed early to be posting materials. But it's not! A well-run, thoughtful campaign will take you 5-6 months at a steady pace (or at least 3 if you're sprinting).

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6/14/18 4:06 PM

7 Tips for Hiring A Church Capital Campaign Consultant

After praying, developing a long-range plan, defining the vision, securing a financial forecast and a master plan, and completing a feasibility study, your church is now ready for a capital campaign. You've looked at how much work it's going to take and agreed you need to bring in a professional for this one. Now the question is, "Who should we hire?"

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5/15/18 2:15 PM

The 7 Steps of Stewardship-based Church Capital Campaign

Not all capital campaigns are created equal. When working in the church, it takes a different approach from the secular world and a spiritual understanding of the effort. As you are getting started with a church capital campaign, follow the steps below and you're on the track for success.

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4/3/18 3:20 PM

On Tithing: How Many Churchgoers Tithe?

While I’ve said before that facts are friendly, sometimes they aren’t pretty. When it comes to what percentage of churchgoers tithe (or give at least 10% of their income to charity), the latter definitely applies.

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3/6/18 9:18 AM

What Does Stewardship Mean?

Whenever I hold a workshop, one of the points I often make is that stewardship is not fundraising. Fundraising is asking for a donation, a secular approach, whereas stewardship is the spiritual way. In stewardship, we facilitate the discovery of God’s blessings and the prayerful development of how to share those blessings.

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2/6/18 8:39 AM

How Many People Skip Volunteering?

With the correlation between volunteerism and generosity, Church Development looks at just how many people are offering up their time.

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1/2/18 3:44 PM

Church Giving and the New Tax Law: Your Stewardship Might Take a Hit

The new tax law passed by Congress and signed by the president in December may affect church donations.

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