Tom Minges, MA Theology

Tom Minges, MA Theology

Tom has served church congregations most of his life, as pastor, finance director, planner and stewardship coordinator, in many diverse church settings. For over five years he was director of the Office of Stewardship and Development for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph, responsible for a multi-million dollar annual appeal, stewardship education, planned giving and development. Tom has M.A.s in Theology and Counseling and lives in south Kansas City with his wife Rebecca.

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5/28/19 8:16 AM

Why Church Capital Campaign Follow Up Is Crucial

Commitment Sunday has passed. Congratulations! Your church capital campaign is complete, right? WRONG. The follow up period can double fundraising profit. 

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5/13/19 10:10 AM

Pastor's Role in a Church Capital Campaign

“Many pastors are afraid of a capital campaign,” a pastor told me. Now retired, the pastor admitted he too had put off his first campaign for quite a while. What was he most afraid of? Talking about money.

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12/18/18 4:56 PM

36 Stewardship Scripture Passages, Parables & Prayers

The Bible is a book about giving - with more promises related to giving than to any other subject! For example, the subject of "believing" appears 272 times, "prayer" 371 times, and "love" 714 times; while "giving" is mentioned 2,162 times! Jesus talked more about giving than anything else; more than half of the parables have to do with money and worldly goods. Educate church members on the meaning of stewardship with bulletin inserts, sermons, homilies, and reflections based on the following.

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10/25/18 12:58 PM

How to Ask for a Large Donation

At some point, every pastor has to learn how to ask for a large donation. It's difficult to approach a member to ask for money. We make this intimidating experience easier with some tips. Learn how to deliver your pitch without offending your friends or getting kicked in the shins!

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4/3/18 3:20 PM

On Tithing: How Many Churchgoers Tithe?

While I’ve said before that facts are friendly, sometimes they aren’t pretty. When it comes to what percentage of churchgoers tithe (or give at least 10% of their income to charity), the latter definitely applies.

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1/2/18 3:44 PM

Church Giving and the New Tax Law: Your Stewardship Might Take a Hit

The new tax law passed by Congress and signed by the president in December may affect church donations.

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