What this Parish Stewardship Director is Doing Right

11/12/18 7:13 PM / by Meredith Snyder

We've collected lots of information and ideas about how to grow giving in parishes over the 25 years we've been doing this ministry. In this interview, Denis Greene speaks with his friend, Megan, Stewardship Director at Visitation Catholic Church in Kansas City, MO about her process for growing annual giving in the parish.

Megan's success is the result of her commitment to communication and parishioner engagement. The best example of this is her weekly newsletter educating families about activities in the parish. How could you take her success and implement something new in your parish?



For more tips and advice on growing your culture of generosity, check out our strategic guide to building your stewardship ministry.stewardship strategic plan

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Meredith Snyder

Written by Meredith Snyder

Meredith Snyder has spent 7 years in ministry, project management, and marketing. In her position as Director of Outreach, she strives to provide high quality educational content to church administrators and pastors on growing their stewardship ministries. Meredith has a passion for building community and strengthening faith.

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