9/14/20 4:22 PM

The ICSC Conference: 5 Insights From Church Stewardship Experts

The International Catholic Stewardship Council annual conference is being held virtually this year. From September 29 - October 9, 2020, experts from around the world will be sharing their best practices. On 9/29/20 at 10am, I will be presenting a workshop titled "The Tithes Of Saints: Cultivating Leadership Donors". Below is included a link to the conference, hope to see you there.
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7/8/19 12:27 PM

Tithing and Proportionate Giving

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12/27/18 8:17 AM

4 Annual Catholic Stewardship Reports to Copy

One of our foundation principles in stewardship is communication. It's important in personal relationships, and it's important in a person's relationship with his or her church. Putting together an annual report can seem like a big tasks, but the outcomes and benefits of transparency make it worth your while. Here we share what we love about a few of our favorite recently published annual reports from some Catholic clients.

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10/25/18 12:58 PM

How to Ask for a Large Donation

At some point, every pastor has to learn how to ask for a large donation. It's difficult to approach a member to ask for money. We make this intimidating experience easier with some tips. Learn how to deliver your pitch without offending your friends or getting kicked in the shins!

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7/12/18 10:01 AM

20 Church Capital Campaign Slogans List & Logos

Communication is a huge part of running a successful church capital campaign. You may have the most beautiful mission and vision for your parish, but if no one knows what that vision is, you'll fall flat on your face trying to raise funds to support it. In our church capital campaign communication guide, we lay out a branding plan that aims to educate the community on the value of the campaign - developing a theme, slogan and logo is a part of that process. Here are 20 slogans and their logos that our clients have created to inspire and communicate what they were hoping to accomplish with their capital campaign building projects. I hope what you find below gets your creative juices pumping!

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6/20/18 5:17 PM

Why You Need 6 Months to Plan An Annual Campaign

We published our new annual campaign kit, Hope Grows Here, last month and we got a few funny looks. Most churches do an annual campaign in the fall, and so it seemed early to be posting materials. But it's not! A well-run, thoughtful campaign will take you 5-6 months at a steady pace (or at least 3 if you're sprinting).

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1/2/18 3:44 PM

Church Giving and the New Tax Law: Your Stewardship Might Take a Hit

The new tax law passed by Congress and signed by the president in December may affect church donations.

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