3/19/19 7:02 AM

6 Hidden Costs of a DIY Church Capital Campaign

The sticker shock of professional church capital campaign consulting proposals can be paralyzing. Often times the church leaders' response is to move forward with a capital campaign without assistance - we call this the do-it-yourself, or DIY campaign. Self-run campaigns can be enticing on the surface because it seems that the church can save upwards of six figures on consulting fees. However, this thinking is short sighted and can cost the church greatly in multiple domains. Here we lay out the hidden costs of a DIY church capital campaign. 

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9/4/18 4:21 PM

28 Interview Questions for a Fundraising Consultant

You've identified that your church is in need of a capital campaign. And you've realized how much work it would be to pull that off on your own. So you're looking at firms to consider hiring. Below is a selection of questions to help guide your request for proposal and interview process when deciding upon a fundraising firm.

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7/6/18 12:00 PM

4 Steps When Getting Started with a Church Capital Campaign

We do capital campaigns, but those represent only one aspect of successful church strategic planning. There is a whole process to growing your church and getting ready for a big fundraising project. We advocate embracing these 4 strategies when getting started with a church capital campaign.

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