2/7/19 4:11 PM

You Need Volunteers in a Church Capital Campaign

We believe in involving everyone at your church in your capital campaign. While we'd love to take credit for the idea, we're just doing what the research tells us. Engagement is consistently highly correlated with life satisfaction, evangelistic communities, and participation in financial giving. Our previous success and the latest research has proven that our process-oriented strategy works. When organizing a church capital campaign our method to provide volunteer opportunities for everyone to get involved in the church’s mission. Read on to see how we do it.

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1/28/19 12:39 PM

Church Capital Campaign Communications 101

Just as important as the purpose of your capital campaign is the methodical communication your vision. This is one of the tasks in which you need to put on your business cap and start thinking about your project like a communications professional would. The key word: marketing.

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1/17/19 8:16 AM

Church Member Engagement: Research Says

I've been doing research on stewardship for a long time and one of the great resources that I've come across is the Gallup ME25, which supports one of my assumptions - that an engaged congregant is much more likely to invite a person to visit church. The keys to engagement are: involvement in decision making, connecting socially, and engagement as a volunteer. Watch my video below to hear more about that.

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1/3/19 8:06 AM

The #1 Cause of Church Stewardship Failure

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are in a state of failure. Only 5% of church goers tithe, and we know it is good for the soul just like we know exercising is good for the body. Charitable giving is a $300 billion industry. There are clear patterns for failure and clear best practices for success. Think you know what the root of the problem is? You might be surprised at our answer!

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12/27/18 8:17 AM

4 Annual Catholic Stewardship Reports to Copy

One of our foundation principles in stewardship is communication. It's important in personal relationships, and it's important in a person's relationship with his or her church. Putting together an annual report can seem like a big tasks, but the outcomes and benefits of transparency make it worth your while. Here we share what we love about a few of our favorite recently published annual reports from some Catholic clients.

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12/18/18 4:56 PM

36 Stewardship Scripture Passages, Parables & Prayers

The Bible is a book about giving - with more promises related to giving than to any other subject! For example, the subject of "believing" appears 272 times, "prayer" 371 times, and "love" 714 times; while "giving" is mentioned 2,162 times! Jesus talked more about giving than anything else; more than half of the parables have to do with money and worldly goods. Educate church members on the meaning of stewardship with bulletin inserts, sermons, homilies, and reflections based on the following.

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11/27/18 8:46 AM

How to raise 10% of your income in a year-end appeal

Now that it’s the holidays, nonprofits are ramping up their solicitations for gifts. December is often when people are most generous—25% of philanthropic dollars are donated this month! Be proactive in inviting your community members to remember your church in their holiday and year-end donations. Read on to learn why so much money comes at the end of the year and how to structure your year-end appeal.

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11/12/18 7:13 PM

What this Parish Stewardship Director is Doing Right

We've collected lots of information and ideas about how to grow giving in parishes over the 25 years we've been doing this ministry. In this interview, Denis Greene speaks with his friend, Megan, Stewardship Director at Visitation Catholic Church in Kansas City, MO about her process for growing annual giving in the parish.

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11/6/18 3:58 PM

Why Are Churches Failing at Stewardship?

This may seem harsh, but as a society and as a Church, we have failed to help people embrace stewardship. It obviously does not work to just tell people they need to give. Pastors have been beating that drum for centuries.

I think we need to take an honest look at what this approach has produced. If you are using tithing as the barometer (those who give 10% of their income back to God), then the age-old approach to preach about giving has produced a 95% failure rate.

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10/25/18 12:58 PM

How to Ask for a Large Donation

At some point, every pastor has to learn how to ask for a large donation. It's difficult to approach a member to ask for money. We make this intimidating experience easier with some tips. Learn how to deliver your pitch without offending your friends or getting kicked in the shins!

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10/9/18 11:07 AM

Do We Really Need a Separate Stewardship Committee?

"Can't my finance committee serve both purposes?" That’s a very good question, given that fewer than 20% of churches/parishes have a committee dedicated to stewardship ministry. Here are some tips for why a separate committee is necessary and how to make the best use of your committee's time.

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9/25/18 2:28 PM

7 Steps to Create a Culture of Stewardship

Our goal is to help you build an ongoing culture of generosity in your church. The following list are 7 underlying values of The Stewardship System™ to highlight in building your stewardship ministry. These values are based on research and experience. Each value should be supported with specific activities. Use this list with your stewardship committee to determine what you want to accomplish with your ministry. For a printable version of this, and discussion questions to guide your planning, check out our stewardship strategic planning guide

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7/6/18 12:00 PM

4 Steps When Getting Started with a Church Capital Campaign

We do capital campaigns, but those represent only one aspect of successful church strategic planning. There is a whole process to growing your church and getting ready for a big fundraising project. We advocate embracing these 4 strategies when getting started with a church capital campaign.

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3/6/18 9:18 AM

What Is Stewardship?

Whenever I hold a workshop, one of the points I often make is that stewardship is not fundraising. Fundraising is asking for a donation, a secular approach, whereas stewardship is the spiritual way. In stewardship, we facilitate the discovery of God’s blessings and the prayerful development of how to share those blessings.

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2/6/18 8:39 AM

How Many People Skip Volunteering?

With the correlation between volunteerism and generosity, Church Development looks at just how many people are offering up their time.

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