Feasibility Study Services

A Feasibility Study will give you a deep understanding of your members and church community. Besides measuring the likely levels of financial commitment for an upcoming capital campaign, a Feasibility Study identifies support for the church, church leaders and the proposed church capital campaign - feedback that affirms your strengths and identifies areas to grow your ministry .

What You Get:

  • Case statement development
  • Communication documents
  • Custom, comprehensive survey
  • Data-driven comprehensive report with professional recommendations
  • Piece of mind in goal setting
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Capital Campaign Management

We custom build our capital campaign plans to each church’s needs. Our flexibility in different service levels gives you freedom in choosing the right amount of support that complements the talent that is already serving your church. We can do it all, or we can let you hold the reigns a little bit to avoid breaking the bank. We give you options to choose what’s right for you.

All Service Levels Include:

  • Professional strategic planning of the capital campaign
  • Custom campaign timeline and team manual
  • Training and support for campaign leaders and volunteers
  • Brochure, Newsletter, and Communication Guidance
  • A free subscription to
  • Confidence in moving forward with your campaign 
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