How we do prayer-based capital campaigns

After praying, developing a long-range plan, defining the vision, securing a financial forecast and a master plan, and completing a feasibility study, your church is now ready for a Church Development capital campaign. The following seven steps guide our capital campaigns.

1. Organize and Train Campaign Volunteers

Church Development recommends churches establish a small management team to administer the capital campaign; an advisory executive committee to offer general oversight; and six working committees to execute the campaign. The working committees focus on prayer, events, thanks and appreciation, youth, education and stewardship, and communication.

Church Development trains and organizes each team of volunteers. All volunteer leaders are equipped with manuals that outline their responsibilities. The Church Development consultant serves as a campaign manager, leader, advisor, resource, and assistant to each committee.

2. Communicate the Vision

Consistent verbal and written communication is fundamental to successful capital campaigns and church growth. Church members should be kept abreast of the church's vision and campaign purpose from the very start of a campaign to the very last pledge payment. In addition to a highly visible and active campaign, Church Development helps coordinate strong communication through newsletters, brochures, pledge cards, and frequent meetings.

3. Build Community and Cultivate Stewards

The church leadership and campaign committees enthusiastically invite all church members to share in the church vision through the capital campaign. Church services, prayer, church-wide activities, youth events, small group dinners, interactions with the pastor, and consistent verbal and written communications provide multiple opportunities to share with members the church’s vision. Additionally, you will build community and cultivate stewardship.

4. Pray and Discern

The pastor helps church members reflect and discern about stewardship through small group discussions, community prayer, and preaching at church services. The committee on prayer and discernment designs a time and method to engage church members in prayerful discernment regarding both the church’s vision and each person’s financial commitment to the capital campaign.

5. Solicit Contributions and Host Commitment Weekend

Church Development believes each church is distinct. As such, no single right way exists to solicit donors. A successful campaign solicits contributors in a manner comfortable to church members. With direct feedback from the feasibility study, Church Development and the executive committee determine the most appropriate way to solicit members.

Church Development advocates some core solicitation protocols. Our campaigns culminate in a “Commitment Sunday” (or weekend) where church members are invited to make their pledges. Prior to Commitment Sunday church members typically receive a personalized letter from the pastor, a solicitation brochure, and a personal visit or phone call from a campaign ambassador. In addition, leadership donors are often visited in advance of Commitment Sunday.

6. Thank Contributors and Celebrate Success

All good fundraising entails appropriate celebration and thanks. Contributors receive an acknowledgement and thank you letter. Beyond this, volunteers on the thanks committee determine how the church will recognize donors and celebrate the campaign achievements.

7. Post-Campaign Follow-up

Over the next three years, Church Development maintains contact with the church administrator and a designated volunteer to ensure continued campaign success. Pledge fulfillment, communication to church members, and proper preparations for future fundraising efforts are monitored.

We provide you with a free three year subscription to the Stewardship System so that you have a tangible tool to help you continue to build a culture of generosity in your church. Finally, we also assist in the establishment of a planned giving program and provide tools to help your church begin developing a legacy society and planned giving ministry.


Comprehensive Management

Let us do the heavy lifting.

For churches wanting full service campaign consulting, planning and management from a church capital campaign professional. For decades this has been our most popular capital campaign management service. We know you have a busy ministry to run, so with our comprehensive service, we take care of every detail and manage each aspect of your campaign so that you can focus most of your time on what you do best - spreading the Good News.

Church Development supports you with this service by:

  • Developing a campaign training manual for each volunteer and staff person.
  • Assembling a detailed campaign calendar to illustrate the campaign process and provide benchmarks and deadlines for the campaign leadership and volunteers.
  • Providing support in recruiting volunteers to serve on the six working campaign teams (Prayer, Events, Thanks, Youth/Children, Ambassadors, and Communications).
  • Conducting a Volunteer Organization meeting to “kick off” the campaign.
  • Training all team leaders, outlining specific objectives for each of the campaign teams and providing ongoing assistance and support.
  • Leading the five Management Team meetings (see below for definition) and four Steering Committee meetings (see below for definition).
  • Providing stewardship education throughout the campaign via member testimonies and printed materials.
  • Maintaining at least weekly contact with the pastor, campaign chairpersons, and team leaders.
  • Serving as the chief liaison to all campaign teams.
  • Customizing all campaign letters for the pastor and volunteer chairperson, including all solicitation letters.
  • Creating agendas for all Management Team and Steering Committee meetings.
  • Attending team meetings as needed to offer counsel and guidance.
  • Serving as the facilitator at the first informational event to help train volunteers.
  • Developing an agenda for informational events.
  • Training and coaching campaign volunteers in campaign service roles.
  • Providing tailored design and content for communication materials.
  • Developing a tailored major donor effort.
  • Providing guidance and recommendations for the production and distribution of a campaign video (actual video production not included).
  • Recommending donor recognition possibilities, prayer events, activities and cultivation methods.
  • Training a follow-up team to oversee the three years of pledge fulfillment and use of The Stewardship System, subscription included at no extra charge.

The Management Team is made up of the senior pastor, church administrator, campaign chair, two lay leaders and consultant. The purpose of this team is to help tailor the campaign for the specific needs of the church with consultant guidance and management.

The Steering Committee is made up of all team leaders, Management Team plus additional lay leaders depending on size of the church. The purpose of this team is to be the main decision making body of the campaign e.g., approves campaign prayer, decides how donors will be thanked and sets the financial goal for the campaign.


You can do the work, but you need some guidance.

For churches wanting a professional guide to provide consulting assistance with their capital campaign. We will provide a campaign strategy and leadership coach, and your staff, volunteers, and graphic design team will do the work. Our guidance will lead you in the right direction to grow stewardship and raise needed funds for your church's unique ministry vision while saving on campaign expenditure.

Church Development supports you with this service by:

  • Providing campaign training and manuals for each volunteer.
  • Assembling a campaign calendar to illustrate the campaign process.
  • Conducting a Volunteer Organization Meeting to “kick off” the campaign.
  • Training all team leaders and providing phone/e-mail support throughout campaign.
  • Leading the five Management Team meetings and the three Steering Committee meetings.
  • Providing templates of all publications with sample writing and stock designs ready for modification by your church team.
  • Creating agendas for Management Team and Steering Committee meetings.
  • Serving as the facilitator at the first informational event to help train volunteers.
  • Developing an agenda for the first informational event.
  • Recommending donor recognition possibilities, prayer events, activities and cultivation methods.
  • Training a follow-up team to oversee the three years of pledge fulfillment and use of The Stewardship System, subscription included at no extra charge.


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The thing that struck me in our initial meeting with Denis Green and Darryl Prater from Church Development was their emphasis on a capital campaign as primarily an opportunity for spiritual growth as a church.  The priorities that they set, and the focus they have as an organization, really helped us set the agenda for our congregation, that this is an opportunity for people to grow spiritually, and that in many senses, raising the money is a by-product of spiritual growth.  That impressed me right up front, and I felt like these are the right people to do this campaign for us.

Rev. Joel Fredrikson First Baptist Church Ottawa