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Stewardship is an intersection between prayer and action: another area of discerning God’s will in your life.

Stewardship and fundraising can be intimidating for pastors and volunteers new to the field. We are here to help guide you through the process of securing funds for your church and ministry needs without fundraising. Our church capital campaigns follow the same principles of prayer and discernment that you will find in the guides we provide for free below. If you are getting started with a church capital campaign, preparing for an annual stewardship campaign, or just trying to grow a culture of generosity at your church, you'll find what you need to get started here! 

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Webinars on Church Fundraising


Running an Annual Campaign 101


Build a Stewardship Committee


How to Plan a Parish Capital Campaign




Stewardship Activities on a Budget


Intro to Electronic Giving Options


Q&A with Our President Denis Greene 



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Run a Church Capital Campaign for $36k 


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We value stewardship education. Every year there are churches in your area who have hired new staff, are needing a capital campaign or are getting started with organizing a stewardship team. Let us help you train them for success. See an example of what we can do for you.