Capital Campaign Management Options




(best value)



Strategic and leadership coaching with your staff, volunteers, and graphic artists doing the work.

Strategy consulting with full service capital campaign management.

Professional guidance with campaign strategy

Ongoing site visits from a professional campaign consultant



Tailored Campaign Calendar

Training, manuals and campaign calendar for each team member

Campaign logo



Designed Publications

Templates with sample writing for modification by church, including:
  • 3 newsletters
  • 1 eight-page color brochure
  • 1 pledge card
  • 1 pledge packet cover letter
  • 1 follow-up letter
Custom copywriting and graphic design for:
  • 4-6 newsletters
  • 1 eight-page color brochure
  • 1 pledge card
  • 1 pledge packet cover letter
  • 1 follow-up letter

Facilitation of Management Team meetings



Facilitation of Steering Committee meetings



Phone, video conference and e-mail support throughout campaign

Weekly contact with senior pastor and volunteer leaders

Training for Follow Up team and advisory assistance as needed

Subscription to, a monthly online portal of stewardship resources

Oversight and management of every detail of the campaign


Top donor strategy and research


Recruitment support for campaign team leaders


Consultant serves as chief liaison to all campaign teams


Tailored strategy following Commitment Sunday to secure remaining pledges




for a 6 month campaign
(total campaign cost $49,800)


for a 6 month campaign
(total campaign cost $85,200)


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Feasibility Study


Research and analysis of history and current financial capacity

A written case statement summarizing the history, capital needs, plans, and urgency

Demographic and growth patterns analysis

Custom comprehensive written/online survey

Volunteer recruitment assistance (via the survey)

Interviews with church leaders


Strategic plan for survey distribution

Compilation and analysis of all data collected

Report including all findings, detailed recommendations along with a financial forecast and raw data

Copies of the report for the church’s governing body

Presentation of the report to the governing body of the church

Print-ready newsletter with results for church members



for a 6 week study
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I can, without hesitation, recommend the Church Development to anyone, any group, that is considering doing a capital campaign.  We raised almost 80% of our goal within the first year. We owe our gratitude and thanksgiving to the God who has blessed us and also to the Church Development and the wonderful work they did with our congregation.

Rev. Joel R. Fredrikson First Baptist Church of Ottawa