Church Capital Campaign Webinar Series

Preparing for a capital campaign in a parish can be very intimidating. There seem to be a million moving parts and components to think through. Whether the energy and excitement is pressuring you to move forward quickly or the need is so great there is a sense of urgency to get started, there are some things you should consider before taking on the commitment of a capital campaign. This 3-part webinar series is to help pastors, business administrators, campaign chairs, building committee members, stewardship volunteers, and diocesan support people learn the basics.

Part 1: Is a Church Capital Campaign Right for You?

Why do people give generously? How much can we raise? How much does it cost to run a capital campaign? How long does it take? What do I, as pastor, have to do? Should we manage the capital campaign on our own or hire a professional? These questions answered along with real stories of church capital campaign successes and failures in an interactive live webinar. Learn the basics if you've just started entertaining the idea of a campaign.

Download the slides from this presentation. Visit these blog posts for thorough timelines of feasibility study and church capital campaign planning. The video interview with Fr. Ben Varnum is available on our page highlighting successful church capital campaign stories.


Part 2: Church Capital Campaigns Before Getting Started

Long range planning. Mission and vision clarity. Consensus building. Feasibility study. Ministry plans. Evangelism plans. Facility plans. Regardless of your church capital campaign's purpose, there are a lot of components that go into a focused, organized, and proactive campaign that responds to the true needs of the church community. Learn what goes into preparing for a successful campaign. 

Download the Preparing for a Capital Campaign webinar slides. Visit our blog post on preparing for church capital campaign for more information. View the interview with Fr. Gar Demo on our successful church capital campaigns page. 


Part 3: Capital Campaign Roles, Timelines, & Budget


It's time to get planning, but where to start? This webinar gets into the nitty gritty of capital campaign planning including creating your calendar and timeline, organizing your volunteer committees, training your volunteers, selecting appropriate leadership, the campaign budget, and the real role of the pastor (hint: it's smaller than you think). Bringing in real stories of success campaign processes, we take you through from beginning to end so you know what you're getting into.


Download the Church Capital Campaign Roles, Timeline, and Budget webinar slideshow. Review the hidden costs of a DIY church capital campaign. Reach out to us below or via our contact page if you are needing specific guidance on how to prepare or take the first steps in our building, renovation, or debt reduction capital campaign.