Your comprehensive guide to planning for and running a church capital campaign from a stewardship mindset.

This page is 108 pages of wisdom on how to run a church capital campaign from over 25 years of experience and success to help as you're getting started with a church capital campaign. This book will prepare you for all the work and challenges. 

Table of Contents

  1. The Church Growth Approach
  2. Campaign Overview
  3. Why Consider a Capital Campaign
  4. Know if Your Church is Ready
  5. Campaign Overview II
  6. The Feasibility Study
  7. Organizing Volunteers
  8. Communications
  9. Cultivation and Dialogue
  10. Stewardship and Prayer
  11. The Asking Process
  12. Thanks and Celebration
  13. Follow Up
  14. Go It Alone or Hire a Consultant?
  15. Campaign Budgeting
  16. Secrets of Success and Failure
  17. Stewardship Education
  18. Annual Campaign
  19. Planned Giving
  20. Subsequent Campaigns
  21. How Do we Get Started?
  22. Appendix: Resources

Stewardship Based Church Capital Campaigns ebook



I have read through your book on capital campaigns and I’m just delighted! This is an excellent book. I love the stewardship focus and consultative approach. The level of detail is so helpful!
Catherine Bryant Capital Campaign book Review

Catherine Bryant, Parish Administrator St. John's York Mills