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Introduction to the Stewardship System

What is The Stewardship System?

Year round online support for your stewardship committee. The Stewardship System will help your church:
  • Teach your members about the importance of stewardship—without guilt or fundraising.
  • Create a year-round stewardship ministry in your church.
  • Plan and execute an effective Annual Stewardship Campaign.
  • Increase giving and member involvement.

The Stewardship System is a comprehensive approach to teaching stewardship in your church so that your people grow to be generous stewards of time, talent, treasures, and relationships. The Stewardship System provides the tools--honed through years of experience and research—you need to reach the goals of having 80% of your members pledge an average gift of 5% of their income, while increasing volunteer involvement and a sense of belonging. Stewardship is about a lot more than money—it's letting God’s blessings flow through you. Your church’s ministry potential will be unleashed as your members embrace a life of stewardship, becoming generous givers of their time, talents, and treasures. The Stewardship System™ is a perfect way to grow annual giving before or following a church capital campaign.


Subscribers receive the following tools in their inbox each month in addition to instant access to invaluable stewardship guides:

  • Inserts for your weekly bulletin to help you teach stewardship through scripture.
  • Agenda template for your Stewardship Committee monthly meeting.
  • Training video link.
  • Testimony guide for lay speakers.
  • Notifications of weekly blog posts with research and tips to share with your stewardship committee.
  • First access to publication of our annual stewardship campaign kit, including:
    • a campaign manual
    • logo file
    • brochure
    • newsletters
    • prayer guide
    • prayer card
    • pledge card
    • solicitation letters
    • thank you note script
  • Checklists to help you make sure you conduct all the key activities a church needs to build a culture of generosity.


The Stewardship System is a great do-it-yourself guide to growing stewardship in our church. The clear, direct, concise application of stewardship principles to specific steps make this the most simple to use actionable process I have ever seen. Our first year of the Stewardship System gave us a dramatic increase in the number of pledges to our annual campaign.
Holy Spirit Overland Park

Matt Jonas, Stewardship Chairman Holy Spirit