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Introduction to The Stewardship System™



What is Stewardship?

Like this video? We have a blog post on the definition and meaning of stewardship: What is Stewardship?



The #1 Cause of Stewardship Failure

See this video in its real home and with relevant links on a blog post on the cause of stewardship failure.



The Research behind The Stewardship System™

Find this video interesting? Check out our blog post on the importance of engaging your members through communications.



Engagement as the Key to Giving

Engagement truly is the key. See more research-based findings and tips to engage members



What is the Role of Prayer in Stewardship?

Keep prayer and discernment at the center on your ministry with stewardship scripture and quotes



Realistic Financial Expectations for a Capital Campaign

View our blog post on the 8 benefits of a feasibility study to help you set realistic capital campaign goals.



Involve Members with Episodic Volunteer Opportunities

 To see how we involve volunteers in the capital campaign process, check out this blog post on volunteers in a capital campaign.



Social Connection's Effect on Giving



Shared Decision Making Increases Engagement



How to Ask for Donations

See 6 additional tips for asking for donations from the Church Development blog. 






Strategies to Build Your Stewardship Team




Lay Speaker Training Video



How to Run an Annual Campaign



Church Capital Campaign 101



Teaching Stewardship 



Prayer and Discernment in Stewardship



Volunteers as Ministry Partners



Shared Decision Making



Building Community



Ambassador Training 


Planned Giving (Part 1)



Thanking People



Personal Finance Ministry



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