20 Church Capital Campaign Slogans List & Logos

7/12/18 10:01 AM / by Denis Greene

Communication is a huge part of running a successful church capital campaign. You may have the most beautiful mission and vision for your parish, but if no one knows what that vision is, you'll fall flat on your face trying to raise funds to support it. In our church capital campaign communication guide, we lay out a branding plan that aims to educate the community on the value of the campaign - developing a theme, slogan and logo is a part of that process. Here are 20 slogans and their logos that our clients have created to inspire and communicate what they were hoping to accomplish with their capital campaign building projects. I hope what you find below gets your creative juices pumping!

Tips on Writing a Campaign Slogan

Communication is one very important part of your overall capital campaign strategy. Coming up with a campaign name or slogan can be the first step in designing your marketing materials as you are getting started with a church capital campaign. There are three important things to remember when composing campaign name/slogan.

    1. Keep it concise—about six words maximum.

    2. It should convey the spirit of your congregation.

    3. It should sum up the reason for the campaign.

Slogans and Logos to Inspire

Your communications chair or someone on your team may have experience in leading groups in this type
of exercise. If not, here are steps you can take toward composing the slogan. This process may take 2 or more meetings, so give it some time and help everyone's voice to be heard.  

  1. Give the team members five minutes to brainstorm a list of words related to the vision for the campaign. Have each team member write down three or four or words or a slogan that they have generated from the words.
  2. Have each member read his or her slogan(s) or word(s) out loud. Assign someone to write on a white board or flip chart as they are being read. Important—do not allow positive or negative comments about any ideas at this point.
  3. Go through the ideas and underline words that may appear several times, such as Faith, Build, Christ, etc.
  4. Now have your discussion. Set a time limit for the discussion (10-15 minutes should be sufficient). The discussion will generate comments about what words people think should be in the slogan, revision of suggested slogans, or entirely new slogans. Again, have somebody write these slogans on the board or chart. Make sure everyone has a chance to comment.
  5. Make an initial decision. Tell everyone they can vote for the two slogans they like best. Have someone tally the votes next to each slogan. You will end up with two or more slogans that have made the cut. If you have more than three, have a second round of voting to get it down to two or three slogans.
  6. Now you have two or three slogans that you can present to the Campaign’s Steering
    Committee to make the final selection. If your team has a clear choice, you can let your campaign Steering Committee know. You may also decide to let your team have a day or two to think about the slogan and have them email or call in their final votes to the Communications Team Chair within a specified time.
  7. After the final selection is made you are ready to start designing your logo and communication pieces for the campaign. We highly recommend working with a professional graphic designer for this process. Our capital campaign management services include custom professional design to create your logo, letterhead, 6 newsletters, event invitations, brochure, pledge card, thank you notes, pledge-tracking tool and any other campaign-related materials that you need. It's amazing the difference that a professionally designed campaign will make in building excitement for the campaign and communicating trust.

Slogan Examples List 

  • Serving our Timeless Mission
  • Building the Legacy
  • Imagine the Possibilities
  • Forward in Faith
  • Rebuild, Restore, Renew
  • Creating a Culture of Generosity
  • Magnifying the Light and Hope
  • Faith for Tomorrow
  • Invest in Hope
  • Building on Faith
  • Renew, Restore, Rejuvenate
  • Gather & Grow
  • Paving the Way
  • Following Jesus, Finding Family
  • For Such a Time as This
  • Commitment, Renewal, Transformation
  • Gather, Serve, Celebrate
  • Opening Our Doors into Tomorrow
  • Growing into Our Future 
  • Support - Strengthen - Equip (Diocesan Campaign)


Logo Examples

STM_church capital campaign Logo


Building_the_Legacy church capital campaign Logo2



HolyTrinityImagePossibilities church capital campaign Logo


FIF church capital campaign Logo


Build_Restore_Renew_church capital campaign Logo



Creating_Culture_Generosity_church capital campaign Logo


Bethel_Full church capital campaign Logo


fft church capital campaign Logo


Invest_In_Hope_church capital campaign Logo


Building_the_Legacy church capital campaign Logo


Sacred_Heart_church capital campaign Logo


St_Agnes_church capital campaign Logo


Gather&Grow church capital campaign Logo


STA church capital campaign Logo



 Diocesan Capital Campaign Logo

TRINITY 70th church capital campaign Logo


Evangelical Free church capital campaign Logo


Redemptorist_Celebrate_church capital campaign Logo


St. Paul Episcopal church capital campaign Logo


Pne Ridge church capital campaign Logo

church capital campaign branding communications guide

Want pledge card samples as well? For more inspiration on how to run a successful capital campaign effort at your church, check out or comprehensive e-book on running a church capital campaign. It lays out a reasonable timeline, list of tasks, sample capital campaign plan, and all the teams you'll need to pull it off. Or download our comprehensive guide to branding, marketing, and communicating about your campaign. Prayers for you as you grow the culture of generosity at your church!



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Written by Denis Greene

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